Racial Reconciliation:

A Look at the Problem

(Insider Outsider: My Journey as a Stranger in White Evangelicalism by Bryan Loritts)

Bryan Loritts is a pastor, author, and Christian leader. Bryan writes of his experiences as an evangelical pastor of color in a culture dominated by those racially unlike himself. We recommend this book as an exercise in "listening." As you read, you will likely encounter things that make you uncomfortable. You will probably want to distance yourself from the experiences of Loritts, and you might even disagree with some of the statements that he makes. We encourage you to push these to the side, and simply "listen" to the experiences of this evangelical pastor. Use this as practice for learning to truly listen to those around you.

("Will the Church Ever be Free of White Supremacy?" from the H.U.E. Podcast)

Hosted by Ebony Ramquist, the H.U.E. podcast (Heal, United, Engage) is a great way to begin to hear the perspectives of those within our own community whose daily experiences may be different from our own.