As a multicultural "spiritual family" that seeks to be defined by all that Jesus is and does, we at LifePoint Church desire for our hearts to align with Jesus' heart.  Because of this, we are perpetually seeking to grow as Christ-followers in our understanding and practice of a variety of societal issues including racial justice and intercultural competency.  This truly is lifelong work and always starts with our own hearts and minds.  

For anyone in our community seeking to follow Jesus alongside us, we encourage you to pray about your next step in your own commitment to these issues.

To help you discern next steps in these areas, below are potential action steps and links to various resources.  

Action steps

  • Pray: repent and lament
  • Listen: Intentionally listen to people whose stories and experiences differ from your own. Believe people and listen when they share about experiencing injustice.  Commit to stay in the conversation even when the hype about recent incidents has passed and when it’s not as common to do so.
  • Give: Eastside Food Shelf or The Sheridan Story
  • Learn: Read books; watch documentaries; listen to sermons and podcasts.  Educate yourself on racial reconciliation, white privilege, the Kingdom of God, etc.  We've provided various resources for you in the links below.


These resources express a wide variety of perspectives.  Some will might make you uncomfortable and force you to wrestle with your own perspectives and experiences.  You likely won't agree with some of the observations and conclusions of these resources.  Nevertheless, we encourage you to approach with curiosity and humility, truly making it your goal to grow as a follower of Jesus, and not simply to find the "right answer."

(Please note that LifePoint does not necessarily endorse all the views expressed in these resources.)